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High Pressure Cleaning

Koko Group offers high pressure cleaning service to commercial and residential customers in Albanvale and surrounding areas. Using state of the art equipment and hot water and a special turbo nozzle, we can remove flaking paint, mud, dust, grime, mould and dirt from concrete surfaces like your patio and driveway. High pressure cleaning will leave your exterior areas looking clean and offer a healthy ambience free of bugs that your family can enjoy. We also offer high pressure cleaning for walkways and laneways, shop fronts, bin compounds, bin rooms, and bin storage areas, eradicating unpleasant smells that are frequently common in these areas.
The technique that our experts use involves a high-pressure mechanical sprayer, which makes the cleaning procedure quite easy and fast, but simultaneously assures great results. It takes just a few seconds for our experts to set up the tool. The professional cleaners just plug the sprayer into the water faucet and are ready to clean. The mechanical washer creates strong pressure, which will definitely cleanse deep into any surface, leaving it polished immaculately. You can rely on us to conveniently take care of everything.